Because We Said So

Ouawww mayyte, you over there
Conspicuous individuals!
Yes, you!

Can we have your rape alarms?
You are under arrest
On suspicion of potentially thinking about
Possibly maybe
At some point in the future should circumstances conspire
Of helping a target women
Yes that's a plural when it should be singular
On a night out
So hit the deck
Put your arms behind your back
We don't support your philanthropy
'Cos we are the MET.

Westminster City Council officials said they are “deeply concerned” by reports women’s safety volunteers were arrested hours before the Coronation.

The Met said at about 02:00 BST on Saturday three people were arrested in Soho on suspicion of conspiracy to commit public nuisance.

Among items seized were a number of rape alarms, the force said.

The Met said it had received intelligence about plans to use rape alarms to disrupt the Coronation procession by scaring military horses, causing “significant risk to the safety of the public and the riders”.

BBC News


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