Suspicion of Conspiracy To Cause Public Nuisance

Yesterday I became a fervent anti-monarchist. Until yesterday I was happy to let the monarchy fade into irrelevance. It’s obvious that Commonwealth countries are soon going to want to ditch it (I think within 5-10 years). It makes no sense at all for them to not separate from the British monarchy.

This week the government rapidly passed yet more anti-protest laws, on top of laws last year which already restricted protest and eroded democracy. Now the police are allowed to arrest people they deem might be planning to lock-on to structures. Where the definition of ‘planning to lock on’ means being in possession of anything which might be used for attaching oneself to things or to other protestors! It even means that locking arms with other protestors becomes criminalised.

Yesterday police pre-emptively arrested protestors before they’d even begun protesting. Some of the protestors arrested were part of the Republic group, whom had been in the media this week talking about how they’d been in touch with Metropolitan police since January this year, in order to make sure their peaceful protest can go ahead without issues. All the way up to this week they’d received assurances from the Met Police that they wouldn’t be arrested. And then yesterday they were arrested hours before the Coronation, and had a truck load of picket signs confiscated!

I rarely spend energy on anger but these events yesterday were indistinguishable from what happens in Moscow. I emailed my MP about it then looked up the Republic group’s website. I am now signed up for emails from them and from now on will actively campaign to abolish the monarchy and make the UK a republic, however I can :).

This has backfired

It certainly looks like the arrests were a pre-planned attempt to protect Charles from the embarrassment of facing dissent at the coronation. In that, they failed and failed badly.

Our arrests have been covered around the world and by all UK media outlets. It has been noted by a lot of observers that Charles has remained silent and has not made any effort to defend our values and liberties.

Republic has also seen a huge influx of members, supporters and donations.

Republic email

Although the police were very proud of themselves, it’s very satisfying that this has backfired on them massively :).


3 thoughts on “Suspicion of Conspiracy To Cause Public Nuisance

    1. Good!

      I never really understood respect for the queen. It was a shallow form basically based on longevity and personality, and reminding you of your grandma. But all the shenanigans behind the scenes were still there. But yeah she definitely bought them a reprieve and made the monarchy seem a fixed, unquestioned part of life. But people are going to grow tired of endless royal events πŸ™‚

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