CroΓ»ton Is Still Cute

I’m making a push to connect with people again, I’ve been stuck for quite a while. I was very successfully connecting with people in 2019-2020, but 2021-2022 really wore me down. Self-sabotage and anxiety keep getting in the way of attending in-person meet-up groups, but I was overlooking the lower barrier to entry of blogging, or at least letting anxiety/OCD get in the way of that too, or both.

But I’m unable to do things half-heartedly so I want to maximise my surface for possible social interactionsβ€” so that’s blogging, in-person meet-ups, meeting up with the local friends I do have when possible, and occasional phone calls with the couple of people I do those with, plus the therapy sessions I’m still doing.

On the plus side I can now identify most countries by shape and certainly locate any named country or territory on a map, thanks to Wordle app and a giant wall map I bought.

I’ve dyed my hair black but got a shit haircut so can’t show anyone πŸ™„.

CroΓ»ton has got even cuter.

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