CroΓ»ton Breakthrough

There was a bit of a breakthrough with CroΓ»ton after I got her a piece of bamboo root. I knew from Happy Hamsters that hamsters like (and need) really cluttered enclosures but it’s only over time that I’ve figured out how to fit more stuff into it. I also had to upgrade her wooden house since hamster-sized items aren’t big enough for her πŸ˜…. She needs baby guinea pig-sized stuff. I’ve also got her another large hide which doubles as a stand for the wheel. I then made a hole in the side for an extra entrance and route to her burrow :).

I don’t even want to look at the original pictures of how her enclosure looked! It all adds up financially though and would be a huge expense to get it all upfront, though these new hides were very good value for money.

After putting the bamboo root in there, CroΓ»ton seemed to become activated and has been taking much more interest in all the existing things, getting more confident and coming out more often and for more time.

She’s never shied away from a piece of carrot though.


20 thoughts on “CroΓ»ton Breakthrough

    1. It’s more the wee that needs cleaning up, since the poos are dry and don’t really smell. They also use them for navigation πŸ˜†. But there’s so much bedding that I’ve barely seen any, just very diluted. And I can’t spot-clean the wee since she does it in her burrow which should only be disturbed occasionally, and it’s coming up to 2 weeks so i will take a look soon. But this is the modern ideaβ€” large enclosures and occasional cleaning :D. Very low maintenance!

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      1. Oh I just had a flashback to entertaining my hamster when I was a kid while my mom washed out the cage (pet care was sadly inadequate twenty-five years ago, as you probably know)

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      2. Yeah was same for me …I’ve been internally cringing at the thought that we used to think my hamster climbing his cage was just his energetic personality β€¦πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈπŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ. Doesn’t bear thinking about!! It’s ridiculous. But yeah i channel that into learning as much as i can now and sharing the knowledge :).

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      1. No. lol, not quite, but yes German origin! I took an online comment at face value which was quoting something else. Wikipedia:

        β€œThe name “hamster” is a loanword from the German, which itself derives from earlier Middle High German hamastra. It is possibly related to Old Church Slavonic khomestoru, which is either a blend of the root of Russian хомяк (khomyak) “hamster” and a Baltic word (cf. Lithuanian staras “hamster”);[9] or of Persian origin (cf. Av hamaΔ“star “oppressor”).[10] The collective noun for a group of hamsters is “horde”.[11] In German, the verb “hamstern” is derived from “Hamster”. It means “Hoarding”.[12]”

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