In This Economy

Every week I question “Why am I paying Β£120 again for 50 minutes with the psychologist?”. But then I remember that’s just the price of empathy, since when I tried seeing cheaper therapists they weren’t up to the mark. That’s just what it costs to get to speak to someone with equal or greater levels of both affective and cognitive empathy, in a Scottish accentβ€” that rare combination. (Of course, the ‘Scottish’ part is a joke since you are statistically more likely to be Scottish if you met those first two criteria).

And that’s what I need for some period of time at least. Interesting that the people in real life I’ve met who come close to or meet this standard were met through mental health support groups…

If this financial cost were factored into the measurement of inflation we’d all be economically doomed as well as emotionally and spiritually.

I managed to go to depression xpression again at last on Friday (first time in 3 years) and within the first 15 minutes there were about 3 metaphorical/jokey cross-references to topics such as string theory and the chemical nature of stars/living creatures. Perhaps it’s not that deep and it’s simply the Brian Coxℒ️ effect? But if so, fair play to him!

Doesn’t explain the person with a cute emotional support rat poking out of the neck of their jumper though! 😳


13 thoughts on “In This Economy

      1. Thats actually pretty similar to the prices here. I have actually seen higher prices but I am paying about the same as you. My insurance usually covers my therapist bill but my therapist is not an ocd specialist, and unfortunately that is what I need. It’s really upsetting that we have to pay out of pocket for help.


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