Happy Hamsters Feedback

Happy Hamsters finally gave me feedback and apologised for the delay! Was weird as they were replying very quickly before but then it was most of 2 days for this final hurdle. Anyway I just need to get some vegetable/flower/herb forage mix from a pet shop, which they love and it helps encourage them to forage around.

Weirdly my multi-chamber hide (which I ordered on Jan 8th) parcel did indeed despatch yesterday on next day delivery as promised by the sender last week (after they had some kind of family emergency and had to leave the country!), but then randomly or infuriatingly even the Evri tracking status randomly switched to ‘returning to sender’! Couldn’t have happened with a nicer courier service lol.

From this evidence the seller would come across as dodgy but it’s a genuine (if small) seller and I found it in Happy Hamster’s care guide in the first place, so I gave them the benefit of a doubt even if their communication was lacking since I had to contact them first. But yeah I just ordered one from another shop instead who happens to have just released their own better version of the same thing, and asked for a refund.

Multi-chamber hides with stilts are a great way to add a second level to an enclosure as well as being an amazing home. My enclosure is really going to be ridiculous if I keep the other platform in there too!

It’s so great to have the end point in sight with this hamster stuff because I haven’t been able to move on for the last two days with it being unresolved, and it’s been my whole focus for weeks. Now I can genuinely look forward to it!


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