Emotional Support Amster

I can’t hold back any longer, I’m committed to getting an emotional support hamster! I’ve been more functional in the last week and finally after 6 months of living here I’ve been able to start organising and tidying things properly, selling some things I don’t need on ebay and throwing away or donating other things.

I’ve also been able to start looking after my plants again, which had been neglected and several had died, some drowned outside in the rain including a tray of cacti :). All because OCD put me in suspended animation for 6 months, literally suspended animation. So for example my cacti just sat there outside from the scorching desert-like summer until autumn. Only a week after I brought the plants inside there were freezing temperatures. It’s amazing how resilient the other plants were from lack of water and they’re recovering well.

I’ve never had a dependant, and I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of having a living creature fully dependent on me, it’s something I can’t imagine. I had a hamster when I was 10 but he wasn’t fully dependent on me and often wasn’t πŸ˜…. I can much better afford it now with the increased benefits payment, and I’ll be taking my time gradually accumulating the things I need to make an amazing hamster home, following Happy Hamsters UK’s checklist :). It’ll be an achievement in itself to satisfy their requirements and actually get their approval on my final setup! And it will be amazing to contribute to reducing the number of available ‘adoptions’ on their website, those little hamsters with their smiling faces 😭.

I don’t actually like the idea of keeping animals in enclosures or zoos but I’ve rationalised that adopting one that’s already in existence is a net positive. As someone who’s naturally energetic and likes to explore, it’s always given me a feeling of claustrophobia on their behalf especially since getting knee injuries. So I do keenly feel the need for the hamster to have opportunities to explore and forage inside his massive home, and outside of the enclosure too in ‘free-run’ sessions xD.


11 thoughts on “Emotional Support Amster

  1. Oh your plants are looking great, RoBIN πŸ™‚ you’re doing great and you’re right, they’ve proved to be pretty resilient, hey? I’m so happy for you getting a hamster and hope you two will be so happy together. A furry bestie to live with you! Keep us updated!

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  2. I will have you know that I have a six foot tall tomato plant in my house that has flowers! So I am not totally incompetent it turns out. I am sooo jealous that you’re getting a hamster, please shower us with pics!

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      1. I don’t know if it’s my own little OCD or what but I always think that other people know all my thoughts and therefore I assume they know my line of thinking. You were talking about the cacti, which made me think of our conversation eons ago about how my own cactus had flowers, which you said was a bad sign (although I’d also have you know that that cactus is not only alive but gave birth!), which then led me to say in my comment yesterday that I have a tomato plant which is living to prove I can at least grow something. Yeah.

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      2. Oh yeah no I get you, that happens to me sometimes too!

        Oh no, I shouldn’t have said that! πŸ˜†. I think I was half-joking, or I must’ve read a particular thing recently or something, who knows 😬. If I got a cactus mature enough to flower I’d definitely be proud! Cacti aren’t necessarily easy plants I’ve found out. But yeah you sound great at looking after plants honestly!

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