Breakdown Of The UK

It feels like
The pandemic all over again
The start of proper winter
And the country’s shutting down

It’s the final end game
Where sheer desperation drives the population to challenge
The immovable narcissistic mindset of the government;

It’s the same storyβ€”
They go under the radar for so long
Scheming and manipulating
But not enough people see it

Until finally the majority do
Once it becomes so blatant that they’re surrounded by it
Directly obstructing their aims
As they reappraise everything that’s already happened;

Now entrenched, self-motivated, absolutist thinking comes up against a firm wallβ€”
A population whom has resolved
That they can no longer afford the basic necessities
And are strengthened through unions and majority support;

Since the government is decided in not even negotiating
Confidently believing they can get away with whatever they decide
(As they have done for 12 years already)
Then it’s only going to get worse until something snaps.

What that is I don’t know, because this current government is widely agreed upon as being the most extreme and perverse that we’ve had in our known lifetimes. The situation seems unprecedented and it’s dangerous because the people currently in the positions of most power are also the most corrupt and wealthyβ€” their sole philosophy is accumulating their own wealth before the interests of even their own political party. There is no limiting legal constitution, so there’s nothing to judge it by. They are mostly free to do what they want, knowing they will lose the next election anyway.

It’s obvious that they’re not going to resolve the situation satisfactorily ever, no matter how much of the public service goes on strike for however long, nor however many people die (currently in tens of thousands this year due to health- and emergency care breakdown) and currently all they are doing is actively making it worse. So the only other way that it ends is through so much public disorder and breakdown that a general election somehow gets forced, which means enough of the Conservative party becoming desperate enough to force the Prime Minister to call one or to vote no confidence in the government.


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