Striking For Equality

When they say that they can’t afford the pay rises
Don’t believe them for a second
Not whilst so much corruption exists
And the government is openly stealing billions each year;

Strikes are a pushback against inequality
And terrible governance
And are in the interests of all of us
Not just public sector workers;

The idea that e.g. nurse pay rises are not affordable when inequality is as bad as it is makes no sense at all. Not even close.

You have to push through the chaos which comes as a result of resisting such a ridiculous system, not fight with each other or be scared of the immediate consequences. If the immediate consequences of strike action are badβ€” that’s because the environment that we’re living in is that bad, just underneath the surface. It usually functions in spite of that through peoples’ sense of duty and purpose.

Strikes are a result of inequality due to the greed of those at the top, not those at the bottom.


7 thoughts on “Striking For Equality

  1. Totally agree. My husband is a Nurse and works overtime with no breaks. He and his Nurse mates are burnt out and deserve the SLIGHT pay rise they’re asking for. The Government spends BILLIONS on things that don’t even matter. Surely they can afford pay-rises for those in demanding public service jobs and to put money towards supporting the disabled, the elderly and mental health. Nope. They’ll just buy another stupid “art installation” for a town centre instead. GRR.

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    1. Remember the thatcher statue or Boris Johnson’s wallpaper 😳.

      I do daily yougov polls and I’m seeing that nurse strikes have a supernatural level of support compared to Royal Mail or ambulance workers. I’ve been seeing a lot of lack of support for strikes generally so wrote this but I’m surprised to see this much support for nurses suddenly. I just support all strikes. But yeah always kills me when i get to directly experience the work of nurses and how good they are, knowing how they are treated.


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