Pitfalls And Costs Of Immobility

Two years…it’s taken two years to get a front puncture on my scooter. I’ve been waiting for it so I have an opportunity to replace the tyre itself as well as the inner tube.

These electric scooter inner tubes all have valves which are angled so that they’re accessible from the side, since the wheels are smaller and everything is more compact. The front and rear inner tubes aren’t necessarily the same either. I got my first rear puncture only a year ago on the morning I was going to a court hearing :). I’ve had a few more rear punctures since then partly due to the fact that the scooter company’s website recommended inner tubes which don’t actually fit properly on the rear wheel. So I’ve since through trial and error found a source for the ideal inner tubes for the rear wheel, and always make sure I have at least one spare.

So now I’ve been stuck inside for 4 days because the ones I need for the front wheel are actually the original type from the scooter website, and at first I was struggling to get the wheel off so ordered new tubes (from amazon) before I’d been able to remove the old one…and my judgement of the valve angle required wasn’t accurate until I’d manage to get the wheel off πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ. I was able to use an amazon prime free trial to get stuff delivered the next day, so turnaround time has been quick at least and I should get the latest delivery of inner tubes today, just in time for getting more medication and food.

Anyway it’s highlighted the food supplies I was short on. I’m just feeling wistful about the amazingly cold and icy weather outside…! Feels like I’m always housebound and waiting on something like this whenever there’s freak weather. The morning I got the flat tyre I was going to the supermarket in the darkness at 6am in negative temperatures, it was glorious. I love how loud and crunchy the footsteps are in those scenarios!

Also due to the front wheel bolts being much tighter, I’ve discovered that I was using a torx security allen key which was one size too small pretty much whenever I’ve needed to use one. Due to the shape it is deceptive…so I created a load of hassle for myself with buying new bits and adapters which I can attach to my ratchet to give more torque…that was part of the delay. Once I used the correct size it still required maximum strength but at least the allen key wasn’t bending (or the bolt deforming!). I felt like such an idiot…it’s amazing the kinds of basic mistakes I can make sometimes, and due to my mindset end up going down these problem-solving rabbit holes unnecessarily. Been there so many times. At least I have more useful tools I guess.

Once I’ve done this front wheel repair this first time I’ll know what I need for spare supplies so a flat tyre won’t make me housebound for days again!

In the context of the work capability assessment this just highlights how dependent I am on my scooter for everything, and the financial cost of maintaining it. It really is an absurdity how they want to deny that.


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