Tell Him Off!!

Mr Speaker he stole my pocket money and shared it out amongst his mates!!

Mr Speaker during the first lockdown he breathed on me and said haha you’ve got covid!!

Mr Speaker whenever I offer him a sweet he always grabs a handful, but never shares any in return!

Mr Speaker…Mr Speaker…Mr Speaker I am handing out record numbers of sweets…in private schools to aspirational kids who deserve them!!

Mr Speaker he talks about aspirations, perhaps he’d like to talk about expirations and explain why the family dog died suddenly the day after he admitted to feeding him chocolate as a joke!

Mr Speaker he has caused so much stress in this family that you and Mummy had to get a divorce!! Remember that? It was his fault!! And he gave Nana covid and nearly killed her even though she had nothing left to inherit! His fault!!

Mr Speaker he hit me!! Tell him!!!



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