Sherlock’s Midnight Running

My brother’s hamster was only coming out specifically once they’d gone to bed so they had to set up a camera to see him πŸ˜‚. But they’ve finally managed to handle him.

These oomanz wat


13 thoughts on “Sherlock’s Midnight Running

  1. Too cute! How are you doing Robin, I just came on here to check on you! I have not been on my blog in ages! I had a mental breakdown last July , I was in the hospital for a month and then in a assisted living facility for another month. I am on medications now. I feel pretty good. So much to say and so much to tell you but maybe another time as I have to make a list of foods to buy for Thanksgiving ,
    I think of you and hope you are doing well and are happy!
    Love to you

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    1. Oh wow! Golly gee Margie! I was wondering when you’d appear again, haha. I’d figured something like this had happened, not surprising at all. Really glad to hear you could get help and are feeling a bit better. I am glad you didn’t catch me sooner than now as I knew you’d have been horrified by my continuing challenges I came across. I did consider emailing many times but just wasn’t up to it, and figured you’d reach out eventually if you were still kicking around :D. Things for me are more stable now. I’m now seeing a psychologist and starting to rebuild things again. So seems like the timing has worked out good :). Definitely look forward to hearing the updates!

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