Rescue Amsters

One of my goals is to eventually get a rescue ‘amster. I need to make a lot of progress first with OCD and for my finances to be stable again after the therapy, and to research how to look after them and get the stuff.

But look at how cute they are, even cuter than normal hamsters πŸ˜….

Seeing what humans doing



11 thoughts on “Rescue Amsters

  1. Oh I love hamsters! I had three as a child. I wanted one in kindergarten because of the class pet. I drove my mother nuts because I’d ask every day when she picked me up if she bought me a hamster and finally she couldn’t take it anymore. It’s been over twenty years since I had one so I don’t know what the most up-to-date care instructions are, but of course lots of enrichment is always good. And fresh foods when possible but be aware they’ll fill up their cheeks and deposit it in their house, so you have to be careful it doesn’t spoil. And yeah they’ll need a little house of their own. You can cut up old clothes because they love the pieces to make a nest. Be forewarned, they poop wherever and don’t care. It’s important to remember they’re nocturnal, so they’ll be asleep all day and not get up until evening, so hopefully that works with your personal life schedule.

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    1. Hahaha you’re so excited about it! Yeah you mentioned before that you had three hamsters, much more experience than me lol. Actually I’ve found no end of inspiration on youtube simply by searching for the cage I wanted to get, since it’s popular with hamster enthusiasts as the largest cage you can get in the UK (which is still the minimum recommended size for Syrian hamsters). The UK is so bad for hamster cages.

      Anyway yes rest assured that I’ll be researching all these things fully :D.

      Look at the care that people put into it:

      The hamster rescue website has a checklist of things they need too :). I definitely want a spoiled hamster :D.

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