I’ve noticed that other people don’t always notice when there’s something crawling on them, like a fly? That some people can actually put up with it, or not even notice it? Well I just saw a person on TV with a fly crawling all over their upturned palm whilst they continued what they were doing. On their palm of all places.

There are various sensory distractions I have which others can seem not to haveβ€” things moving in my vision, sounds.

The example with the fly: that sensation would be totally unbearable! There’s no way I don’t notice an insect crawling on me within microseconds lol.

So I guess I am clearly hypersensitive in three senses: sight, sound and touch?

Oh look, exactly all of the things conducive to becoming a motorsports legend 😏. I unfortunately take it out on the electric scooter whenever I go out, and find that I love this time of year because the wet leaves make it so much more tricky πŸ˜†. I used to do the same when I could cycle. But it’s really intoxicating to do something which fully occupies those senses. I just hope I always have something like that.

My best friend is hypersensitive to smell. So I guess between us, nothing could go unnoticed?


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