A Good Psychologist

I’m quite amazed by my psychologist. She has the same point of view as me on mental health diagnosesβ€” that the label is less important than a person’s unique combination of traits and symptoms, and the labels are imperfect tools that are useful as long as they are useful and relevant.

She alsoβ€” having established that I would appreciate and benefit from itβ€” told me that she’s just going to ‘geek out’ when it comes to adding scientific details and explanations where relevant. I told her to go ahead. How refreshing to speak to a therapist who is genuinely intellectually curious and knowledgeable. I also love seeing people feeling free to talk about stuff they are interested in. She really seemed happy about it.

So there’s definitely good rapport and she’s very knowledgeable on OCD, both from intellectual and emotional perspectives. I’m convinced she must have experienced OCD herself.


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