Limits To Twitter

Careful not to confuse Twitter
With the internet or physical technology themselves;
It’s not Twitter that ‘democratises’ information
β€”That was the internet and handheld technology;

We are not beholden to a single private company for any of these things
And perhaps it should be questioned why Twitter became so freely, exclusively
Embedded into our daily news articles in the first place;

Me, personally
I could never get over the name of it!

A de-facto, ‘universal’ communication platform that is privately owned is always going to be unstable and abused;

The same ‘legitimacy’ given to Twitter for free by media organisations also works against itβ€” by concentrating all the trolls and destabilising influences;

The internet remains stable as a general medium because it’s decentralised and operated on fixed, universal standards. The standards are decided collaboratively by international groups. Everything else is non-essential.


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