Work Capability Assessment Again

Well the work capability assessment is happening soon. I got a letter with a date in December but the benefits advisor wasn’t available for then, so I’ve rearranged it and waiting to hear from him whether he’ll be able to make that one.

It’s been 33 months since the last one, and despite being deemed fit to work back then I haven’t been capable of it nor acquiesced in the slightest. First there was luckily the pandemic, then I got the private diagnoses which allowed me to request a new WCA after the pandemic whilst getting new fit notes from the doctor again.

The barbaric thing about these assessments is that when they deem you to be capable of working, they actually write a letter to your doctor ordering them not to issue any more fit notes. I can’t quite see how that works because in my case, if that happened, it would be a death sentence and would destroy any remaining mental health and optimism that I have. Thus, I’d logically end up going back to the doctor about my worsening mental health situation…(whom already agreed with me on the obvious regarding my circumstances needing to be improved before I can begin on the first step of recovery). So I don’t quite see how you square that circle in that scenario where I am standing up for myself and what I need from a holistic point of view, rather than through the lens of this detached bureaucracy and checkboxes. Let them try. The thing about having nothing to lose is you can stand up for yourself no matter what. You don’t have to play their game.

I may not need to find out what lies on the other side of an incorrect decision, since the benefits advisor was confident of my case. We’ll see!


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