Ashley P

Or Ashley Leia as I knew her. It was a shock to find out the other day that she’s died, and that her large amount of output has come to an end.

We weren’t in contact for the last 18 months due to a random falling out one time, which I think was just caused by one of those random fluctuations in the universe that happen from time to time, although it seemed to be final. A collision of two stubborn people in a moment of weakness perhaps. I had no bad feelings and was glad to see that she was still active on others’ blogs. She obviously meant well. And everything she did was in spite of the scary-sounding health issues she was dealing with.

Before that she was supporting me from the very beginning of my blog three years ago, through some insane periods, as one of the few crucial allies I had which were keeping me sane in an insane world. Which is all I need to say.


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