Tooth Removed

Of course the tooth removal “couldn’t have been any worse”, due to it being a ‘large’ tooth, having lots of roots and being strongly attached to the bone. This is always the case with me and medical procedures so I wasn’t surprised. But it wasn’t that bad anyway, especially after some of the pain I’ve experienced lately. Just time-consuming and a horribly brutal process. But I’m glad it was done without any further referral as he was warning could be necessary in the worst case.

The hardest part is probably going to be looking after it, and dealing with the pain now that the anaesthetic is wearing off, and inevitable mood effects from being limited with how I can eat. Not sure how I’m going to sleep at the moment. I need to get some Bonjela from the supermarket at some point, but I’m also supposed to rest. Increasing my blood flow isn’t going to help. Would’ve been helpful to know about the Bonjela before the appointment.

Oh yeah, that’s what family/partners are useful for lol. Yeah it’s much harder when you have to do everything yourself, even when you’re ill or injured, or in pain.

I’ve already signed up to a dental plan with that dentist now, through their website. And I need to get an implant as I have a massive gap now. From researching in the last few days I’ve been amazed at how much is possible with modern medical knowledge and techniques in dentistry. And it’s all described as if it’s normal, taken for granted. Crowns, veneers, implants. I’ve always wondered what people do when they lose teeth through an injury for example. You just get them replaced with prosthetic ones, although it’s expensive. It’s quite necessary though.

The sad thing is that in the UK you are now priced out of good health if you can’t afford private dentistry. Everything else you can get treated for free through the NHS (in principle), but for some reason dentistry is a whole separate system which is currently all privatised after chronic lack of funding. You can’t even get onto a list. The UK is just in a survival state desperate for a new government. I’ve just got to keep being as economical with everything as I can, and I can’t allow OCD to affect my physical health anymore.


5 thoughts on “Tooth Removed

  1. Well done for getting the tooth out my friend. Sounds like you’ve got a plan for moving forward which is good too πŸ‘

    And I fully agree, why dentistry is not fully part of the NHS is beyond me πŸ˜”πŸ–€

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    1. Thanks! Yeah not an experience I want to repeat 😐. So much better if you can get a filling/crown/root canal instead. Yeah frustrating to have to contemplate the cost of a new tooth though, when I’d just decided I was happy with finances being stable. Oh well! Just more collateral damage from circumstances. One day we’ll have routine preventative treatment available again…


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