Most Intense Weekend

I had a really weird weekend including a medical emergency due to accidental overdose on paracetamol for my tooth (which of course finally developed extreme pain as soon as I went away, on Friday night). I was also very sleep deprived between the emergency and waves of intense tooth pain. The main thing was I made it to Sunday, got a train back and was finally able to get an emergency dentist appointment on Monday (but still only just after hearing more noes). Even had a good day on Saturday in-between two separate A&E trips, and I won Monopoly with hotels on Mayfair and all the oranges.

Since Monday I’ve been taking antibiotics and recovering/sleeping. I’m having the tooth removed later this morning. The antibiotics are starting to make me a little queasy and I still feel lethargic. I’m just sleeping when I can basically when the tooth pain allows me to (thankfully there are periods when it’s gone). The antibiotics are already increasing the pain-free periods though. It doesn’t help that a big trigger for the pain is being in a horizontal position.


17 thoughts on “Most Intense Weekend

    1. Haha thanks!

      Funny you say that, as I coincidentally did have the thought about antibiotics messing up gut bacteria and all the potential side effects that could haveβ€” including on mood. So I googled it, and found precisely that idea about the probiotics. Then I briefly researched the known efficacy of probiotics and it wasn’t conclusive, but anyways, the NHS website did suggest it as a possible thing that could help. I forgot to buy them last night but supermarket opens again soon :). You convinced me to try it, can always trust nurses!

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