Contact With A Psychologist

Well it was definitely the right way to go, what I outlined about just making contact with a service which seems actually suitable to begin with. I found a psychology place (what do you call it?) nearby, which has a large team of psychologists. Some of them mention OCD in their profiles, and a few of them mention it early on as something that they are actually experienced with. You should basically ignore anything after the first few things listed, if you want a specialist in something. One profile stood out as someone I surely need to work with:

I work with adults and some older adolescents. I have worked with a variety of issues including obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), phobias, anxiety, depression, panic, PTSD, adjustment issues (to health conditions)…

…My areas of special interest are with people who are living with chronic health conditions or life-limiting illnesses, medically-related phobias and general adult mental health.

I emailed the service and the response back was very good, night and day from other therapists I contacted, asking me a list of specific questions. I almost feel embarrassed writing out my story though even in brief, it’s insane and just barely scratching the surface. It is so specific. Anyway, it’s reassuring just to read a competent and structured reply from someone who sounds like they know what they’re doing. It’s definitely something that I should be doing in an ideal world. World not ideal.


3 thoughts on “Contact With A Psychologist

    1. Thanks Hetty. Yeah, everyone always speaks in such idealistic terms when it comes to mental health. You join OCD support groups and people talk of therapy, or listen to podcasts and it’s always the first goto. But you just wonder how are these people getting access to it? Lol. Drug money. You’d have to sell meth to afford it and you ain’t getting public help with it.

      Or just have boomer parents willing to help…or inherited boomer wealth.

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