Radioisotope Queen

“I’ve been reading these old-time history books about Queen Elizabeth II’s reign, they’re fascinating. The mass psychosisβ€””

“Oh yeah, which reign?”

“…Which reign?”

“Yeahβ€” first or second reign?”

“I don’t think he knows about second reign…”

“Well, after five years of King Charles III, everyone just kind of thoughtβ€” can’t we have the Queen back? And, well…with holograms and augmented reality, it was the perfect opportunity…

“Some say that the AI is still running on a machine somewhere in a secret government bunker, powered by a radioisotope generator. Still conscious. Queen Elizabeth the Second’s Second Reign has technically never ended.”

“That’s dark as fuck.”

“You think so? Wait ’til you read about Prince Andrew…”


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