The Price Of Feudalism

There has never been a better advert
For abolishing the monarchyβ€”

Funerals cancelled
Operations cancelled
Competitive mourning and
Virtue-signalling central

Police arresting monarchy protestors
Subjects chanting “Long live the King”
Companies espousing paid-for ‘values’
A media PR game for the overruling;

All amidst a severe cost of greed crisis
A convenient distraction?
Meanwhile parliament takes a two-week holiday
Whilst the unwashed masses get back to fucking work you cahnts!

(Except Monday. That’s the Queen’s funeral.)

The price of a short-notice bank holiday.


21 thoughts on “The Price Of Feudalism

    1. Thanks Hetty. Well, I always like to apply the “is it a terminally-online problem?” test, where there can be a mass-psychosis over some perceived problem which you wouldn’t even know about unless you were always online. But besides the few extreme examples of things like arrests and emotional people, the Queen’s death shenanigans are indeed creeping into more and more aspects of daily life in the form of random state services shutting down (like the NHS complaints system, as a friend found out).

      I was even more surprised by the reach of it to be honest, how many other countries seemed to put on the act of caring so much. I think it’s very weird! Now there is a 10-mile queue through London to view the queen’s coffin πŸ˜†. That’s a visual representation of the state of the waiting list for mental health treatment in the UK…


      1. That is definitely crazy haha.

        However I am not sentimental πŸ˜‚. All I can think about is being curious about the state of decomposition of her body in that room-temperature-coffin…and wondering how embalming works 😬. I was even more disturbed watching the coffin processions of Diana as a child. Seems a bit tasteless to me. Like just let them ‘rest in peace’ lol.


    1. Oh 100% against. I was more agnostic mostly until the prince andrew stuff, but this Queen stuff is having real serious effects on people. Everywhere you turn, stuff is inexplicably not working and being cancelled ‘due to the death of the Queen’. For example, the NHS complaints system isn’t working until the 20th. Eh???

      Unfortunately a lot of people seemingly do support feudalism, and this is the price of it πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ.


    1. Hey :), yeah I know…fact is I was only able to post in emergencies for quite a long while, due to the OCD. And now that I’ve had no emergencies…it’s just been OCD broken up by small periods of being able to do basic stuff. I am just continually living in the hope of the next day being better, and really believing it until it’s the next day.


      1. Oh RoBIN I’m sorry your having a rough time with your ocd. I know how difficult this horrible illness is. I recently took a little break from everything for similar reasons. Do you see a ocd therapist? Just wondering. I stopped but decided I needed to again.


      2. Yeah, that’s basically itβ€” I’ve been in a permanent temporary break from everything for quite a while. And when I try to add stuff back in…it hits. At the same time it’s doing and accomplishing things which give me the mood benefit and resilience to fight it. But there’s a certain level of control over anxiety needed before attempting those things. So I can go from nothing to everything very quickly then back to nothing, simply because momentum builds momentum. It’s keeping that up and not relapsing which is the challenge.

        Well that’s a good Q, I’ve never been able to see an OCD therapist and I’ve just started seeing a therapist again 2 weeks ago. General therapists are expensive enough and OCD expertise is rare. I find that just talking about traumatic things already helps me with the OCD, alongside implementing ERP at home. It gives me added resilience. But I think tomorrow is going to be my last session with this therapist because we’ve been wasting time due to her suggesting conscious meaning to particular OCD compulsions, when assigning meaning to OCD is the absolute worst thing to do πŸ˜†. Especially for me where it’s never even had any irrational meaning to itβ€” it’s just Just Right OCD. The OCD is a meaningless symptom.


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