With Light To See By

It hijacks the mind
What does it want?

All the wrongs of the past to be right

The present is held to ransom
No, you can’t have that!
Don’t dare get enthused, either

Of course there isn’t a simple solution
Or answer
I know that
That’s not what this is;

So yeah
It hijacks the mind
A mental state connected through trauma
Reliving once-present experiences
Revisiting entirely valid, appropriate emotions
Emotions so valid that few could understand them
Because that’s what happens
When you’re far to the left of the normal distribution

So that everything else
Falls to the right;

With no control
Witnessing such unfair and avoidable actions
Being told who you are
What you think
And a different version of reality
A differing order of events

Albert Einstein would’ve been proud;

I get it
Some things truly are relative
But we shared an inertial reference frame for goodness’ sake.

Don’t worry
I haven’t wrapped myself in tinfoil


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