Badged In Dishonour

SUVs and Land Rovers in black
Are always the most aggressive

Accelerating towards you for no reason at all
Imparting all that momentum to their precious tons of metal

They expect you to move out of the way by default
In situations where you have right of way
And when you don’t, you hold your line
They’re forced to dart recklessly into a gap between cars

An oversized engine
The darkest of paint schemes
Headlights brighter than the sun
An overused and clichΓ©d trope
You can spot them coming
Always the same

Coming up behind you
Wide-open hungry grills full of steel
Angry and menacing
Basking sharks of the roads;

So whenever you see:

β˜‘οΈ Mercedes/BMW/Nissan
β˜‘οΈ SUV, Land Rover or any saloon
β˜‘οΈ In the darkest colour they could find
β˜‘οΈ Not older than two years



I don’t like to generalise, but it’s just a rule of thumb. An unfortunate stereotype.


3 thoughts on “Badged In Dishonour

  1. Or pickup trucks! They don’t care how recklessly they drive. I live in the northeastern US so we don’t have a huge redneck problem, so I guess it’s the over-compensators.


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