For. Fuck’s. Sake

I sometimes write creatively perhaps in a way which isn’t always immediately obvious, especially when partially-inspired by personal experiences. I enjoy writing in first-person with a subtly-satirical style. Please read tags if unsure!

I came out here for some peace and quiet
Which was going just fine, until
That Mr. Musk moved in next door

Now even through the rareity of the air
I hear the laughs and screams and heavy bass beats
Of unlimited indulgence and squalor;

It drove me to the point whereupon I almost considered returning
Before sense returned and I knew deep down
There was nothing, but nothing left
To return to;

So for fuck’s sake
Here I am
I’ll eke out the rest of my days

Claustrophobic and curtain-twitching
Putting up with these neighbours from hell
Surviving within my stale self-contained bubble
On a desolate, desert world
Because we irreconcilably fucked the last one even worse than this.

Now he’s applied for a restraining order against me, stating that I’m a ‘pedo’ πŸ˜’.

So it’s actually all about seeking sanctuary on Mars post- climate catastrophe, eeking out a just-bearable living until some character (perfectly illustrated by Elon Musk whom in real life has stated that a life goal of his is to die on Mars and whom impulsively labels people ‘pedos’ on Twitter) moves in and makes it completely unlivable. And even then…living on a frozen, desert hellscape with no breathable air and a partying trillionaire next door is still better than returning to Earth, as if it were even an option.


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