Busy With Tasks

I’ve been very busy since moving into the new place. First I was researching and ordering a few things I neededβ€” a clothes dryer, a washing machine.

Then I was researching carpets, getting a quote done and going to a carpet shop to order one. And planning ahead to figure out how I can most easily prepare for that when the time comes to fit it.

Then I was figuring out that I needed to sell my car, and going through the steps to get it repaired, finding a place to sell it and getting a spare key made.

I overcomplicated that last step today by choosing key services based on google reviews which were mobile services who weren’t very professional with giving me a time or communicating. The first one I just ended up blocking on my phone and they didn’t turn up anyway. The second one did arrive though against all odds and it was fine. I realised I could’ve just gone to a Timpsons shop in ASDA instead, and got out of the house instead of sitting inside and not doing much. The lack of daylight today was making me anxious and stuck in rumination. Plus I felt rushed into finishing these final tasks because I had an appointment booked for tomorrow at WeBuyAnyCar.

I was also collecting my car servicing records which were a combination of paper and digital copies. I spent too long searching my inbox for ‘missing’ years only to find the paper copies with the rest of my car documents πŸ˜†. I either had paper or digital copies but never both.

In the end I discovered my ‘Vehicle Log Book’ form was last updated in 2018 and I’ve since had four changes of address (plus the 7 months spent living in my car itself!). So I decided to rearrange the WeBuyAnyCar appointment and applied online for an updated ‘Vehicle Log Book’, just to make that easier.

In-between all these various tasks I’ve been gradually condensing and reducing my possessions and organising them in the new place, as well as other necessary things.

By far the most time was spent in OCD compulsions and in recovery from them.

Now that everything’s done for now with the car I’m trying to reset. I’m happy though with the condition of my car and the completeness of the documents, and I’ve got all the boxes ticked for maximising resale value of the car! Apparently most people aren’t usually so organised with the documents and it’s expected that you need to ‘dig them out’. I didn’t so much have to dig them out as just to understand what I had in my file!


7 thoughts on “Busy With Tasks

  1. I’m glad to hear you’re busy and productive. You sound very motivated. Guess what? My poor cactus that shriveled up came back to life when I soaked it and had a BABY! I hope the baby lives. It’s an old man cactus.


      1. Whaaaaaa???? Why is it always so stressed??? I gave it water when it was shriveled and then it puffed up again. It’s only a couple inches tall.


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