Well Well Well…

I am subscribed to newsletters from the Good Law Project and donated a few Β£ to their cause on uncovering this particular shocking piece of corruption…

There’s no escaping the law, even when you are the law. You can delay and perjure and pervert the course of justice but it catches up eventually. As each day goes by our incredibly corrupt prime minster and met police get found out more and more…the UK is in a very very surreal state at the moment. I just had to share some of this letter because it’s shocking reading and sums up so much about the severity of what’s been going on here lately. And I wanted to encourage people to be politically engaged and to illustrate ways in which you can be involved in activism, and some concrete results of such activism.

The Met Police have, at last, admitted they did not send questionnaires to the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, before deciding not to fine him for attending a gathering in No.10 on 13 November 2020 or a gathering in the Cabinet Office on 17 December 2020.

According to Sue Gray, at the November gathering the Prime Minister gave a leaving speech for Lee Cain, his Director of Communications. Wine was provided and those attending, including the Prime Minister, drank alcohol. There are a number of photographs of the event. The Prime Minister also attended the December 2020 gathering, where wine was also provided, and made a speech. The Met have issued other attendees at both events with fines.

In their formal pleaded reply to our legal challenge, the Met admit they did not send the PM questionnaires, but continue to fail to provide any explanation of how they cleared the Prime Minister.

We don’t think the Met’s response is consistent with their legal duty of candour. And we certainly don’t think it’s consistent with what the Met has elsewhere conceded is their public duty to maintain public confidence in policing.

In the circumstances, Good Law Project and Lord Paddick will continue with the judicial review.

The Met must explain their seeming lack of action in this matter. We won’t stop until the full story is uncovered. If you are able to, please consider supporting our work.

Thank you,

Jo Maugham

Director, Good Law Project


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