Oven Of ’22

Bloody hell
It’s hot
The great ‘oven’ of ’22

I won’t lie
I’ve always found extreme weather exciting
Even though obviously undesirable;
I think we all feel that with things like thunderstorms

But at least today you can’t use the typical British qualifier
Of unbearable humidity, making it hotter;
The air’s dry as a desert;

Out of the sun, it’s still bearable
But it’s certainly interesting and scary!

Something occurred to me earlierβ€” many times in life, when I couldn’t stand the heat especially in places like indoors where I had to work on hot days, or at school, I had people dismissing my suffering or the idea of there being a cutoff point where it becomes dangerous. Obviously, there is one. I was regularly suffering heat exhaustion in summer and even in winter in places with the heating on. The closest I got to that was in Vancouver in 2014 when I lived there, and we worked in a temporary office (misguided for me to have ever even tried to work in an office, I know!), and the air conditioning stopped working for a week, during a baking hot spring/summer.

Well obviously, a building designed for air conditioning just isn’t going to work without air conditioning. Obviously come on. I was leading the team during the evening shift and at some point I had to choose my health over what the manager was going to think, and told everyone to go home and finish working from there. Of course, she came out again with the line about ‘manning up’.

(In fact part of the reason I’d moved there with the job was because I knew I’d benefit from the air conditioningβ€” which I massively did for the rest of the time there. I was at breaking point otherwise in the UK).

We don’t all feel the heat the same.

Nevertheless, under certain scenarios we do all agree that there’s a cutoff point for heat, that heat is a health riskβ€” and societally, that scenario is completely arbitrary.

I’ll remember that! 😏


13 thoughts on “Oven Of ’22

  1. The heat is challenging to me. I prefer the cooler weather. Heat with humidity is a killer, it made me feel lethargic. I remember in school in China, where classrooms only had ceiling fans, I slept through most of the classes.
    One geography exam, I felll sleep and dribbled on the exam paper die to heat exhaustion. The poor teach had to pick up my wet exam paper.


    1. We do! Sometimes. Just very localised ones. And mini earthquakes. Everything you get just way smaller so not really. We don’t have any natural dangers at all! It’s quite amazing when you think about that and compare to other countries, even European ones which have wolves or snakes but here worst thing is a badger which you never see or occasional heatwave or flood if you chose to live on a floodplain. I grew up thinking why is the UK so tame which is maybe why we get excited about thunderstorms lol. Temperature swing from winter to summer is also small.


      1. You’re making me want to move to Europe lol!
        Wisconsin is just one extreme to the next. Sometimes I just would like more consistent weather, but I do love a good storm that doesn’t take out power. πŸ™‚


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