Tipping Point

I was always wondering when the tipping point comes, and how does it come. Now I know the answer: here in the UK it’s through the action of unions and formalised protests and strikes. Outside of those we are not coordinated or pro-active enough for large-scale political protests. These late-stage protests are instead industry/economy-related. If we were better at protesting we might’ve had change before this point. But at least there is a tipping point! Bring it on.

It’s going to be utter chaos and very very interesting considering that the country is caught in the middle between suffering industries and a megalomaniac who will let the country burn in the face of it all. It’s quite sobering when it’s your country with their very own Trump holding the country hostage. But to an extent we deserve it because we needed people in the hundreds of thousands outside the door of Number 10, long before now, getting to the root of the problem…

The wheels of democracy slowly turn.


5 thoughts on “Tipping Point

  1. We went through that before the election from Oct 2021 to May 2022. One of the slogan was “Sack them all.’ it really expressed how unsatisfied the people were towards the government back then.


    1. Oh wow. This really is a mirror image of what happened in Australia. Everything I thought about how crazy Australia seemed from the outside is true of how the UK’s been the past few years :). Interesting phenomenon that western countries have been through lately. It can be no coincidenceβ€” teething stages of society getting to grips with social media and the dangers that come with it? Without social media Trump/Boris/Morrison weren’t possible.

      The positive thing is that in all three cases the countries may be outgrowing that phase and returning to some kind of normal.


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