Some months ago, almost a year ago, I researched beds and mattresses, curious to find out how much they’d cost and what would be available since I’d never had to buy either of these things. When it came to moving, I then just had to buy them. Looking back I’m impressed with the level of organisation. However at the time it was a distraction from OCD too.

Anyway, it was really satisfying because the bed is so minimalistic and economical. It’s just a simple metal bed frame but very sturdy and easy to assemble. You put pillows against a wall for a headrest. It’s absolutely rock solid and high enough to fit my storage boxes underneath. I really love things which are designed well because hardly anything is these days.

For the mattress, SilentNight was the most economical and then it came down to a choice of hardnesses. I knew I liked firm mattresses from staying in hotels. I also sleep hot so anything squishy is unbearable (plus it’s not good for my back). Almost inevitably, the ‘firm’ option had reviews with people saying “it’s not really hard” and I knew that they were my type of peopleβ€” all-or-nothing people. When people say something is ‘hard’, it’s not really; when they say anything is any kind of adjective it’s usually too close to the average preference, whereas I’m always an outlier. I also like investing in something good that will last a long time.

It was an instant decision with full commitment to go for SilentNight eco comfort orthopaedic mattress πŸ˜‚. And the combined height of the bed frame and thick mattress feels luxurious.

Let me tell you, falling onto this bed is like running into a brick wall. It feels amazing!

I’ll readily admit that I’m now an orthopaedophile. It’s honestly just so comfortable. And it really is amazing for your back tooβ€” which considering that I sprained my back just a few hours after setting up this bed was amazing prescience on my part and so perfectly-appreciated. I had to mention it because it must help someone.


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