Single Point Of Failure

I’ve been moving bit by bit
Car load by car load

It was the worst timing to get help with moving
Since Salvation Army work Tuesday to Saturday and their van wasn’t available on Saturday
And my friend had to visit a friend a day earlier
Because of Tory rail strikes

But the good thing was that I had four days to just go slowly
Do it relaxed with no pressure
Being careful with my knees
It’s not ideal but I had no choice
And my upper body strength and posture are saving me;

I’m nearly finished, now
Still living in the old place until I have my bed and mattress delivered at the new place, tomorrow;

And here comes my next challenge

I’ve received a new Work Capability Assessment form from Universal Credit
Which my benefits advisor first asked for a year ago, lol
But as long as they were accepting my fit notes there was no worry
However being successful with the assessment means I’ll get additional income
Hence their laziness to schedule it;

And now it’s all or nothing
I’ve got a month to complete the form with Stepping Forward
(Whom weren’t able to fully help me last time in February 2020)
So this time it should be comprehensive
With all the amassed evidence and new diagnoses…

Should they deem me to be fit for work again (this time with no pandemic to save me)
The entire edifice of everything that has been so hard-won will come crumbling down
Since I’ll no longer get Universal Credit if I don’t look for work
Which pays my income and my rent…

So you see
This is how they kill people
And what I mean by the genocide of the disabled.

It’s hilarious how even now, when everyone has been so pleased for me
Everything becomes solely dependent upon this single point of failure.

I had my first shower in two years an hour ago πŸ˜‚.


5 thoughts on “Single Point Of Failure

  1. Sooo proud of you for showering, you legend! Wahoooo! Proud of you for moving house “bit by bit” as it can be one of the most stressful things a person has to do. I hope tonight you’ll be all moved in and able to sleep in your new place. Along with “Cassa Bassa” who commented too – I’m praying God’s provision on you and that you won’t have to look for work and can still get the payment you’re on. Sending you big hugs πŸ«‚ xoxo


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