So Know Your Enemy

There really is almost no point, in campaigning,
For anything else before electoral reform,

If no matter who you vote for,
Never results in a representative government…
By design;

You can have your strategic voting,
Pretentious jargon,
And needlessly-complicated over-thinking,

But after all that,
It’s just giving in,
Ignoring the real problem,
You’re fighting the wrong enemy;

So save your energies and refocus them,
This is a question of fully establishing the democracy before trying to operate it;

The most worthy causes can seem the most boring and simple,

And if your ‘wasted vote’ is wasted anyway,
Do you really have anything to lose?


12 thoughts on “So Know Your Enemy

      1. The last one was December 2019.

        Oops it’s even worse actually:

        “The next United Kingdom general election is scheduled to be held no later than Friday 24 January 2025”

        Basically the max term is 5 years, which is still too long yeah. With this one feeling like the longest ever especially since the last two were snap elections which came two years after the ones before.


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