Still Very Much Alive

The country is not ruined
Democracy is not dead
Even though it’s not as representative as it could be
Because they are not all the same
And people do go into politics to make a positive difference
It’s just a matter of voting for them
Including (or especially) the ones who stand for electoral reform;

What does defeat a country
And kill democracy
Is giving in to hopelessness and despair
Being too quick to judge
And forgetting that everything
β€”Including the voting systemβ€”
Can be changed;

So approach the problem rationally
And do what you can
As no single person can decide the country’s fate
Nor tear it down overnight;

As for the Tories, now
They should enjoy the way down
Because they won’t be coming back up
And this is good for democracy.


6 thoughts on “Still Very Much Alive

  1. I really couldn’t agree more and no doubt after Boris winning the vote of confidence in him his supporters will be doing the press rounds appearing on anything from BBC news to The Magic Roundabout going on about how wonderful Boris is and that everything should now be put to bed and he should get on with running the country.
    That unfortunately is democracy in action, he could of course do the honourable thing but how does someone who is dishonourable actually know and understand the quality of honour.
    No doubt there will be a few honours flying around his supporters, the odd knighthood maybe πŸ€”.


  2. For some reason your posts stop coming to my notification even it’s set to receive notification. Your and another blog do the same thing. I have no idea and no solution. I guess I need to manually check regularly then.


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