A Time For Protest

It’s the first summer Jubilee evening,
And there’s lots of people about,

But I’m sitting here at home,
Just hoping,
It chucks it down all weekend;

There has never been a better time,
To be angry at the rich, powerful and privileged,
Abusers, narcissists, taking us for fools,
All the while thinking they’re untouchable;

One can only hope,
That it’s a total washout,
And Prince Andrew Is A Sweaty Nonce,
Makes it to number one.


Every stream, every download matters!


9 thoughts on “A Time For Protest

  1. Personally although in my earlier years I was raised as a royalist my opinion of the royal family today are very different.
    I think that it’s really the establishment that keeps them in position, personally I don’t see what value they bring to the country, Charles certainly can’t be relied upon unless he gets counsel from the trees.
    I too can’t wait for everything to get back to some kind of normal.


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