Lately I’ve been overcoming my most limiting OCD enough to be able to think about having a haircut. So I booked it for the morning after the court hearing. It’s the first time I’ve had my hair cut since February 2020. And this might be hard to believe but also the first time it’s been washed since January 2021! My hair is naturally very dry and it’s not possible to replace the moisture with any amount of conditioners or leave-in conditioners or oils. For the first 6 months I had to apply extra oil to it daily to stop it from drying out, with more in the winter as the dry air is worse. Which is a lot of maintenance hence why I didn’t wash it. Eventually last winter it didn’t even need oils. My hair’s been glorious in that time, weighted down with length and moisture so as not to be uncontrolled. It would sit where I put it which is a total novelty for me. Only prob was I had a ridiculous mullet.

Behind every great man is a two-metre mullet.

[needs citation]

I just had 30 centimetres of mullet cut off at the back! 30 centimetres of hot, heavily-layered mane. I can barely make a ponytail now. It’s so relieving.

It’s also the first non-barber haircut I’ve had. The hair dresser was amazingly friendly. That I was able to enjoy the experience at all was a sign of progress against the OCD.


13 thoughts on “Mulletless

  1. Nice work, I know that OCD is a difficult thing to overcome and I’m glad that the hairdresser put you at ease. It’s also interesting to read your post because even as a child I had to have my haircut regularly and when I went into a career in Sales it is almost mandatory to have the suit, shirt and tie, clean and polished shoes etc, I once got sent home from work because I had gone into work wearing white socks totally unprofessional I know.
    I have to admit that my thing is pens, I can’t use the plastic biro type pens, it has to be at the very least a Parker although I still prefer to use a barrel refillable fountain pen though, I guess that the world would be a very strange place if we were all the same.
    It really is a nice haircut and the hairdresser has done a really good job.
    Wishing you well in your future.
    Warmest regards,


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