I Will Tell You What You Are

You’re too middle class
You’ve been to university
You don’t look or sound like someone in need

You’re a dodgy benefits scrounger
You’re not even employed
You’ll trash the place before I can say ‘cunt’

Society is perceived to be made up of rigid caricatures
And you’re expected to fit into exactly one of them at any given time
Regardless of whether this is contradicted tomorrow
You must be a canonical stereotype in each circumstance
And that will be chosen for you

It saves thought
And nuance.

Don’t you fucking dare cross any of these lines
And be an individual person.


7 thoughts on “I Will Tell You What You Are

  1. That is all so true. Laughed out loud at the “You’ll trash the place before—-“. I notice that the powers-that-be expect disabled people to act subservient to them so they can feel like a saint for being nice to them. If you act with self-respect and don’t lick their bums, they get real mad.


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