Follow The ‘Why’s

It will never stop
The rot
Unless we refuse to be bogged down
By life’s auxiliary worries and
And get to the source
Of why it is like this;

For solving any problem
You have to follow the ‘why’s
All the way down
No matter where it takes you
Nor how uncomfortable it may be;

Why is such a party governing our country
And deciding our fates
With such minority support?

Why do so many talk of ‘strategic voting’?
Rather than voting for who they actually want?

Why do so many talk of the merits of ‘the opposition’
As if there was only one option?
As if the current government was their fault?

Why do so many allow themselves to be gaslighted and manipulated into how they vote?

Because of ‘first past the post’,

Guided by fear of allowing the same party to slip through
By fear of splitting the ‘alternative’ votes;

And why don’t we have proportional representation?

Because the ‘top two’ don’t want it,

And why don’t they want it?

Because our votes and representation would more closely reflect our views;

So campaign for proportional representation
And vote the fuck how you want.

And never, ever give up,
Or think they are all the same,
Or blame the wrong people,
Because this is how they win.


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