A Great Idea

I’ve just had a really great idea: once I’ve moved somewhere with more space where I’m not just living in a single room (since my car currently stores a digital piano and a sports wheelchair I used to use for wheelchair basketball 😐), I can give my car away to someone who needs it. These are relics of a time when I had much more spending power and seem at odds with my current frugal lifestyle.

I’m hardly using my car now since having an electric scooter, and travelling further isn’t a priority at the moment. My car’s getting damaged from lack of use (I already may need to replace my new battery which was installed last year) and I’m unable to look after it properly with the OCD and other anxieties as bad as they are. It costs me a bit over Β£1000 a year overall. Which is probably the value of the car itself! It’s been such a key thing for me to have for several years until the last two years, that I would’ve never considered it before.

Not having a car will also help me with the PIP application, since one of the things they randomly asked was have I notified the DLA about having OCDβ€” since I was saying how OCD is stopping me from doing basic day-to-day things. It’s true that that’s another reason I don’t use the carβ€” there’re too many OCD Just Right-isms associated with it now which distract me from driving. I can drive it safely on short distances if I really need to.

So getting rid of it could potentially increase my monthly income twice. I recommend giving things away rather than selling because it (paradoxically) totally removes any anxieties about value when you’re trying to sell somethingβ€” e.g. there’s a dent in the front bumper from when I hit a bollard at 1 mph once whilst living in my car and really struggling. Also whilst living in my car I randomly ran over a small deer which appeared instantaneously on a dark lane at 4am in peak deer breeding season 😐, which damaged some plastic coverings underneath. That’s a whole other story for later.

So yeah, I’m pleased with this idea and it could really help me to be able to live independently when combined with the higher rate of housing allowance I can now get, and it would be amazing to give the car to someone who now needs it more.


15 thoughts on “A Great Idea

    1. Oh don’t I know it, I used to love doing that, found it exhilarating as I had a road bike and was competitive with myself. I have cycled many miles in my life! My electric scooter is a replacement for that now with arthritis πŸ˜† (unrelated to cycling). Maybe yet in the future depending on treatments.


  1. I see the logic in what you’re saying, but I’ll play devil’s advocate and caution you to take time to think this over because it may be difficult to get another car later on if you change your mind about driving.


      1. It can be because of money, or just that when you need it, prices are up, or the one you want isn’t available, and you have to sign up for things all over again.


  2. I got rid of my car a few years ago. Makes long trips up to the mountains a bit difficult but there’s ways around it. Day to day I don’t miss it at all πŸ‘πŸ–€


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