Launchpad’s Paradoxical Feedback

  • “I just had a few concerns regarding how you would manage with our clientele.”
  • “I’m also concerned with your housing benefit entitlement and the potential of topping up. It may be worth discussing with Clare and asking her to complete entitled to The rents with us would be Β£418.84 a week. Β£18.84 being a service charge.”
  • “My biggest worry is that you have the need for ground floor. Currently we don’t have any vacancies that are suitable and I’m not sure when a ground floor property will come up.”
  • I just so happened to recently receive inheritance money from my Grandad a few months ago. Launchpad said that this made me ‘less in need’. This contradicts their ‘concern’ above about me paying the rent!
  • They deemed me to not be vulnerable enough to be eligible yet too vulnerable to be around their other clients.

Anyway, they never had suitable ground-floor places so the whole thing was a waste of time which could’ve been avoided.

It is just so typical of my situation that receiving really helpful inheritance money should come at just the perfect time to work against me.

Clare just visited and told me she could feel my frustration in my response:

Thanks for this feedback. I had actually thought this application would be a formality since I was previously accepted and my case was erroneously closed. I was originally referred to Launchpad by the council for the reason that they couldn’t seem to house me. I don’t seem to have any options given that even ground floor privately rented places are hard to find, especially where the landlord is happy with receiving housing benefit. It’s disappointing to feel bounced around between services and lead along false hopes, losing time. The council were offering me viewings for places then stopped, apparently because they don’t have places available either. I just seem to be falling through the gaps and massively discriminated against at every turn whether it’s mental health treatment, housing, PIP application. Either my needs are seen as too great or too little.

I also left them a 1-star review on google and warned people not to bother if they have mobility issues πŸ˜‚πŸ”₯.

Clare has come along at just the right time. She’s saying all the right things. She reads my notes and just thinks “What the fuck are you doing? seeing all the hand-wavey justifications for not helping me. She’s making progress in finding me a private place to rent. She’s really pro-active and now I feel very reassured again. We will get the court to give me the maximum 42 days to leave. We’ve got a plan.


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