Lap Of The Gods

I forgot to mention that as well as having to start a new Launchpad application my Salvation Army support person is changing. 4th person in a year. And again it’s happening just as my potential eviction date rushes upon me and having to get the Launchpad stuff done quickly. Communication has dried up. Just like last October.

There’s currently an email from my previous Salvation Army person to all the people involved (Launchpad, council, new Salvation Army person), where she forwarded my previous Launchpad communications, stating:

Robin is urgently needing to secure accommodation by 30th May (Current landlord wanting to take ownership of their property and Robin has to leave soon after this date.)

Launchpad replied and asked the council if they can send through an updated CAF (something assessment form), which basically summarises my situation and is part of the Launchpad application process, which I initially did before in October. Of course this email was just before a long bank holiday weekend, and that email’s still sitting there, the bureaucracy stalled and waiting on the council.


I just sent an email to the council asking if we need to do another call to get that assessment done. It bounced back from one of those recipients, who no longer works there.

Lap of the gods stuff. Lap of the gods.


5 thoughts on “Lap Of The Gods

    1. Haha I seriously have a bad feeling about this now…I foresee another week of bureaucracy for the council to re-make the referral to Launchpad, then another week for an appointment with them…and there will only be 2 weeks to go before the court hearing 😳.


      1. I hate this world and dislike most of the people living in it. I know it’s a strong comment. But I see how our society is completely unfriendly towards the frail and the weak and the disadvantaged, every day I see the system is making people who are seeking service sicker, angrier, more depressed.


    1. Exactly. I tell you it’s made it very obvious how people end up homeless. You simply cannot replace community or functional friends or family connections. There’s potential for so much harm outside of those.

      Not enough people are doing altruistic jobs either and they’re not valued enough so the ones doing them are not the most competent.

      Also a consequence of 12 years of Trump style governments. Hoping today’s local elections send a strong signal against it as people seem to be unusually united right now on that. Anyone but Johnson or Conservatives is becoming a movement like you had there. Shame it took the covid parties but better late than never. We need education on how to spot a narcissist, how much would that improve the world!?

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