Squid Game World

The world is a Squid Game world
Where masked gatekeepers stand guard
Deciding the rules
And when and how you may progress;

There is no magical chest at the end of the rainbow
No reward at the top of the hill
No matter how you express yourself
In trying to reach for it

There is nothing there to reach for
(Except within extremely rigid
and tightly-controlled parameters)
Only what we can do for each other;

We are the ones with sole moral responsibility and opportunity to help
(Besides what efforts they can muster themselves)
When somebody reveals themselves to us;

Whenever we avoid shirking responsibility to the mythical, global ‘safety net’,
We help save people from entering the Squid Games.

If you didn’t know it yet
You will one day
And realise
How true this is.

We are descending into fascism. Look out for each other.


One thought on “Squid Game World

  1. Our election is in May, I feel like the old days a new king will take the reign. I am praying for a God anointed king who has a heart for their people. The amount of brainwash, propoganda and media control I have seen both in China and Australia reminds me of war time stories my great grandmother told me.

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