The Noes Have It

Launchpad closed my case in February πŸ˜‚. I have to get the council to re-refer me to them, and they’ll arrange another assessment. Just like I did last October. I am getting a case of dΓ©ja vu where back then I was registering with them ahead of my court hearing a month later, with them warning me that within such a short period of time they couldn’t guarantee anything.

Here we are again, with a month before my next court hearing, starting the process from scratch πŸ˜‚.

My future probably involves additional court costs as I’ll have to hold out for the landlord applying to the court for an order to send bailiffs, assuming the eviction decision goes in their favour. But this is not a surprise, I’ve known it was a possibility as advised by my solicitor. Otherwise, I’ll be treated by the council as having ‘made myself homeless’ and therefore ineligible for help. Cheers.


22 thoughts on “The Noes Have It

  1. So is this bad news RoBIN? Sorry if I sound like an idiot but I’m not familiar with “councils” and “launchpad” πŸ€ͺ probably because I live in the United States. I hope it doesn’t mean bad news for you.

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    1. Haha! No worries and no you don’t sound like an idiot. I’m very aware how confusing this all must be to people not in the know or reading every post, so I’m consciously trying to repeat certain stuff in them lol.

      And I still have people suggesting to me to get in contact with still more charities but no, I have to push back as this is already a full time job at the moment!

      Well, it’s not ‘final’ bad news in that it’s more of a setback and a disappointment. It will truly be bad news if this extra delay ends up in me not being housed in time, but I can’t know that yet. Add it to the pile. It’s more just disappointing and something which could greatly increase my anxiety if I let it. Hence the casual tone in which I write about it πŸ˜‚. These are hysterical tears of cry-laughter if you know what I mean.

      Like come on, I’ve put all this effort into delaying my eviction with these court hearings, and the result is I’m still in a rush trying to get housed at the last minute because of stuff like this.


  2. I am a little confused as well. Seems a little like a run around. They should be able to reactivate your application as they already have all the info from before, you should not have to start from scratch. Nothing has changed in your situation so they should keep it open till there is a resolution in the legal system. Do they throw everything out when it is “closed” ? I’m sorry you are experiencing this.

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    1. I agree with everything you said! It’s definitely a run around and confusing, whether by intention or incompetence. But sadly I am too used to this from the last 2 years.

      Yes absolutely they should just be able to reopen my case instantly since nothing has changed. Now they have responded to ask for an updated ‘CAF’ document before they proceed, which is some kind of evaluation performed by the council with me, which they’ll do over the phone. It’s like snakes and ladders.

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    1. Technically, yes. But in reality even Salvation Army has given up on that idea because it’s basically impossible to find firstly a suitable place for me and secondly a private landlord who is willing to accept a tenant who is fully on benefits and chronically unemployed. Not only that, but I will have no positive reference from my current landlord either due to THEIR abuse of me. It’s a waste of my energies and the times I did attempt it, incredibly demoralising. :\


      1. Thanks! Actually been doing a lot better last few days, with more success in overcoming OCD compulsions and more productivity and less dissociation. And more attention paid to plants :). Hoping to keep the momentum despite all the setbacks.

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    1. Completely agree. Nope. They said they tried to call a few times in February, but I don’t have any missed calls from the saved number for their organisation. So must’ve used a mobile number. But I get missed mobile number calls all the time from spam numbers, and also missed calls and voice messages from recruiters finding a 10 years old CV on a website.

      I use email all the time with these services and used to doing that, it’s most efficient for both sides and easiest to deal with in these circumstances. Cassa mentioned they could have sent a letter too.

      But unfortunately I am not surprised because it’s dΓ©ja vu. I’m sure I have experienced something very similar before. And culturally this kind of backwards/failed administration process is very common here. People are stuck in the 90s. You see news articles all the time where someone has died because of stuff like this.

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      1. Indeed, was thinking this last night trying not to panic. 6 months ago I was at their office and they were saying with such short notice I should mentally steel myself to experience ’emergency accommodation’. And I couldn’t have known I’d manage to buy myself 6 months more time. At the same time though, I also needed to be closer to my birthday anyway to make it not a shared place.

        Anyways, the philosophy has to stay the same. I just do what I can do in my days, others will do what they will do, I’ll chart it all on my blog and we’ll see how it ends up πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ. But yeah if I wasn’t writing about it and being validated then it would be too mindblowingly frustrating and incomprehendible to deal with for sure!! I’m just too jaded for frustration or panic now.

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