Waste Not Want Not

Conservationists have issued a dire warning
After latest studies indicate the Great PPE reef has lost up to 10% of biodiversity over the last 5 years;

As use of illegal agricultural pestibots increases
So-called ‘bleaching’ events have become more and more common
Resulting in large swathes of the PPE bed becoming uninhabitable;

Pestibotsβ€” the internationally-outlawed nanobots
Are washed into the oceans where they target plastic-metabolising microbes;
These specialised microbes form the base of the reef’s rich ecosystem
Making their ‘living’ entirely on the accumulated plastic from the 2020 Covid pandemic.

Photo by Bagus Tri Kuncoro .J from Pexels

MH370 has finally been found after lying hidden beneath a mountain of disposable facemasks.


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