Value And Beauty In The Arbitrary

All the Universe is a rebellion against the second law
Time and space a changing relationship between information and energy;

The beauty in life is in its subjectivity
Flowing forwards not just from physical laws
But from current circumstance
And future happenstance
It enriches history and experience
Fossils are as fossils are
Because the past is woven with momentous events

The art of making a decision
Though with lack of objective reason
Is the act itself
The very pointlessness and deliberateness of it

Decisions convert energy into information
Energy wrought through expenditure of greater information

Just as the proliferation of elements in the energy of a supernova
And subsequent recombination of nuclei in future stars
Increase in order through explosive energy
Gradual reduction in order
With emittance of light

Light which is then captured
Used to re-organise chemicals on a distant world
Whose stored energy potential later released

At every stage an exchange of energy into information
Information back into energy
Temporary structures, temporary purpose
But with losses each time
An overall loss of information
With increasing homogeneity of energy distribution

The endpoint of the second law of thermodynamics
Is the heat death of the Universe
When there are no further energy-information exchanges to be made
No more potential
No more decisions.

It is both the death of the Universe
And the point of it all.


2 thoughts on “Value And Beauty In The Arbitrary

  1. “At every stage an exchange of energy into information
    Information back into energy
    Temporary structures, temporary purpose
    But with losses each time”

    Ooo there’s something deep here if only I were smart enough to interpret all this.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There bloody is!!

      Honestly some of the stuff you learn in physics is so deep and profound, especially when you have the time to really process it and think about it. Some of the deepest and most profound are still unexplained, too, such as quantum weirdness (where stuff requires observation to make it ‘decide’ what state to be in!).

      My life is so enriched from familiarity with physics and if I can only communicate that sense of profundity and glimpsing of deep secrets then I’m happy!

      The fact that I can draw some path from a fundamental physics law to a life philosophy is quite amazing at all. Stuff that people have invented religions to try to find. It’s also a reaction to the intimidating experience that it can be to learn this stuff and build a mental model of it, or glimpsing the vastness of the universe! A humbling experience…you see.


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