Changes Nothing

I have to remember
How even in June last year
I was able to find those reasons to keep going
And I have to use the same ones now
As I still await my fate
On where and when I will be housed;

Two years of practical accommodation instability
Almost one year of actual, hardline instability
But the rules are the same
It’s one day at a time
According to the goals as they stand on that day;

Who could have thought, back then
on that sunny day in June
That I’d still be having the same dilemma
I want to do self-care, take care of my environment
But it will all be undone at any moment

Nobody could have
But I resolved all the same
The eviction notice changes nothing
My values and motivations are the same
Isn’t this how I have always lived?

I can’t even think up simple words like ‘resilience’, concepts I have clearly in mind which I can’t put labels to, but want to put in the tags. There were other words I wanted to use which wouldn’t have required a thesaurus. That’s how messed up my head currently is from becoming disenfranchised and demotivated lately. And part of how necessary it is to return to this motto.


9 thoughts on “Changes Nothing

    1. Thanks for the encouragement!

      You’re right, there is another hearing still to come at the end of May. However the solicitor and me don’t expect to ultimately win, since it’s quite a technical point and the judge may just go with prudency, and it’s probably a 50-50 scenario. I’ve pushed my luck far enough :D.

      So it’s just down to the council offering more viewings for places before then, or Launchpad housing me. Between them though I am sure it’ll be fine. It would be pretty crazy if neither of those options worked out after so much time.


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