The Housing Dilemma


Do you know when you’ll hear back from the landlord? Could you let them know I am very keen on the place for me?

Thanks, Robin

Me to Council

Hi Robin,

The landlord has offered to someone else, sorry.

No bad feedback though, we will keep trying. I will be in contact if we have another viewing.



The closer it gets to my 35th birthday the more likely Launchpad will be to house me in a 1-bed place, as I am already signed up with them, but it would’ve been a shared place so far. A 1-bed place with Launchpad would be ideal. Of course they are less likely to prioritise me before the point I am actually evicted, but it’s another (and preferred) option if I can get them to agree on a 1-bed place.


My birthday: 24th June
Next eviction hearing date: 30th May
Date I was initially served with eviction notice: 4th June 2021

After the court hearing, if the judge decides in favour of landlord, I would have 2 weeks before actually being evicted.

It’s an annoying dilemma and convergence of dates and circumstances. I want to be housed by Launchpad in a 1-bed place but it needs to be late enough so that I’m old enough, but early enough so that I’m not evicted first. But it also needs to be urgent enough so they give me the place rather than someone else imminently about to be homeless. In the meantime the council will try to house me in a 1-bed place (since they’re happy to ‘top up’ the months during which I won’t qualify for 1-bed place) but it will be less suitable and less stable than what Launchpad could offer. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

And actually, Launchpad previously told me there’s one last requirementβ€” to have lived in the area for 3 years, which I will reach in August. The council haven’t taken notice of that point however, so maybe Launchpad wouldn’t stick to it either.


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