Second Eviction Court Hearing

I have my second court hearing tomorrow to see if I am able to get the eviction notice cancelled. The landlord has had seven weeks to get a written testimony from the council to support the argument that the council served me with the correct version of the How To Rent booklet (on behalf of the landlord) before the start of my tenancy, as opposed to the incorrect version I am actually in possession of.

The possibilities I can see are:

  1. The council just outright states that they did it correctly (what’s stopping them?)β€” in which case that evidence will be balanced against the physical evidence of the booklet which I do have. For their statement to work in favour of the landlord it will need to conscientiously specify the version and date. I doubt they would have any way of positively confirming it either way after over two years.
  2. The council confirms they served me with a booklet but cannot confirm the version.
  3. The council cannot comply with the request because they admit they didn’t serve the correct booklet by the correct time.

This all sounds so mundane but I am dying to see which of these happens! I’m totally expecting and planning for 1., though. If that happens then I will likely have two weeks to move out, and will be relying on either the council or Launchpad to house me within that time, so I’m a bit nervous. I have had to buy an ironing board and iron, in order to iron the shirt and trousers which I bought for the first hearing…


12 thoughts on “Second Eviction Court Hearing

  1. Oof the big day is approaching. I expect #1 too because that’s how things go with this shit. I have a court mediator for my lawsuit on Monday. I remembered we both have something on the 7th. For a split second when I saw you have your court hearing tomorrow I forgot the time-zone difference and was like WHAAAAT how did I miss Sunday??????? I’m not ready!!!!!!!! But I have a day. Good luck! Let us know how it goes.

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