OCD, Yes!

But…why couldn’t I do this thing much earlier, if I can do it now?

But…why did I spend all that time doing that mindless thing when I don’t want to do it now?
OCD; It was soothing when it was the only thing you could do,

Would I really have been staring at a wall instead if I hadn’t done that soothing thing?
OCD, Yes,

But…so much time, days, weeks, months, yearsβ€”

That’s the reality,
And this is the pernicious thing with OCD,
Even when you see improvements;

The self-gaslighting, internal propaganda are out of this world;

Don’t fall for it.

The secret is always just to discard all of that painful past,
In fact even less than thatβ€”
Relieved and happy to do what you wanted to do now,
β€”A refugee from pain which you truly fucking areβ€”
And keep reminding yourself of why you couldn’t before,
And the same again the next time it happens,
And so on.


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