A Fanboi In Tears

I didn’t learn, did I?
I caved again,
Caved to the nagging insistence to update,
Having waited additional minor version numbers,
Thinking I’d be safe;

So downloaded the previous OS version again,
Found one of my USB sticks,
But when I went to create a bootable installer on that disk,
To my surprise,
It was already setup as an installer with exactly that version;
I was pretty amazed,
Must’ve used it a year ago to clean-install rather than upgrade;

So did all the work and a few hours later,
Had everything set up,
As it had been before,
And my headphones connected once more;

What happened?
Didn’t use to release with such major bugs,
Didn’t have to fear upgrade so much,
…They don’t make ’em like they used to;

One more thing…

“It just works πŸ™ƒ”,

We miss you Steve.


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